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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in San Ramon, CA

Vinyl flooring merges fashion with ultimate function, making it an all-around flooring favorite. There are hundreds of vinyl options to consider: all beautiful, durable, and affordable. At Carpet One Floor & Home in San Ramon, CA, we can help you find the right flooring solutions for every room. Our expansive inventory of the latest luxury vinyl flooring brands allows you to incorporate the looks of elegant hardwood and artisan tile, minus the hassle.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring comes in various distinct forms. If you’re seeking something that comes close to your favorite hardwood looks, luxury vinyl plank is a great option. It won’t ever need sanding, refinishing, or polishing. Despite being distinctive products at heart, luxury vinyl plank and hardwood look and feel VERY much alike. But make no mistake: these easy-care planks have a care plan that’s simply perfection. Unlike actual hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl planks will never require sanding or polishing, nor will they shrink or expand from humidity, and that’s just the beginning.


Comprised in dense synthetic layers, vinyl plank is coated to resist everyday scratches and dents. It’s resistant to moisture and can readily be clicked into place, never needing adhesives. There are even planks that are completely waterproof, so it’s possible to enjoy high hardwood style in your finished basement – even in your bathroom.


If you love the look of a customized tile installation, consider vinyl tile. Vinyl tile looks exactly like your favorite stone or high-end ceramic, but it won’t scratch or chip. It doesn’t require grouting, either.


Vinyl tile’s unique, layered composition brings density, comfort, and amazing stability. Always moisture resistant and often, water-resistant too, luxury vinyl tile is sold in endless varieties. There are vinyl tiles that look and feel exactly like their porcelain and ceramic counterparts, as well as those successfully mimicking hardwood and hardwood parquet. Vinyl tile is extremely easy to install and take care of, and it won’t ever chip or crack. It can be applied with or without grout and is easy to customize into designs for both floors and accent walls.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


All vinyl flooring is resilient -- it can live with everyday moisture. Only certain products are 100% waterproof. Our waterproof vinyl products call on hidden features to combat the most extensive splashes and spills. Due to their reinforced backing and a watertight core, spills are trapped on the surface, where they can be entirely removed using a clean, moistened towel. Consider using a waterproof flooring for kitchens and baths.


Understanding the differences is critical in finding a floor that works for you. For instance, while a moisture-resistant floor is fine with the occasional spilled milk, a waterproof floor would be a better choice for someone with a brand-new puppy, or someone renovating their basement.


Creating an instant barrier between life and your subfloor, waterproof vinyl flooring can manage it all: an overflowing sink, a large family reunion, and even the occasional plumbing fiasco. There are different waterproof vinyl products, such as rigid core and WPC, with each one offering its own unique benefits.


Vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl floors can grace any interior space, regardless of your family size, budget, and intended activities. One general rule of thumb is to opt for a waterproof version of your favorite tile or plank if your children are small or have pets at home.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


Carpet One of San Ramon carries all the leading flooring brands. Please visit us soon at 1985 San Ramon Valley Boulevard in San Ramon, CA, to learn more about our vinyl flooring options, or shop our luxury vinyl flooring options online today. 


Learn More About Luxury Vinyl Flooring


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Caring for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Because vinyl flooring is extremely durable, it is easy to maintain. Visit our Flooring Guide to learn about luxury vinyl maintenance.