Royalty Carpet

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California's-Own Carpet

Royalty carpet San Ramon, CA

Carpet One of San Ramon offers one of the area’s largest selections of carpet. Carpet is, after all, one of our many specialties. We carry quality brands such as Royalty Carpet Mills, which is actually based here in California. Royalty offers tremendous style and performance, so it’s no surprise that it has become California’s-own carpet manufacturer.

Royalty offers premium style and performance because it controls all aspects of the manufacturing process. This means that Royalty’s experts are able to ensure that rigid quality and performance standards are consistently met.

In addition, Royalty only uses 100% type 6,6 nylon in its carpets. Nylon alone offers great performance because it is specially-made to resist stains, fading, and foot traffic. Type 6,6 nylon, however, takes all of these advantages a step further. Type 6,6 nylon repels virtually all stains, and it also is 20% more resilient than traditional nylon. The extra resilience means that even in areas with heavy foot traffic, carpets with type 6,6 nylon fibers will hold their appearance.

What else sets Royalty apart? Royalty offers quality carpet backing that helps keep the carpet strong and stable. With this backing, external impacts such as foot traffic and potential drops will not ruin your new Royalty carpet. Furthermore, the secondary backing is attached to the carpet with a special Latex compound, which provides even more dimensional stability.

To learn more about Royalty, visit our San Ramon, CA showroom today. Our carpet experts will certainly help you make the perfect choice!  While there, be sure to check out select styles from MODA as well.  Click here to learn more about MODA carpets.