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MODA carpet San Ramon, CA

MODA, which is based in southern California, has been offering quality carpets for over 50 years. MODA carpets are stylish and high-performing, so they are perfect for residential settings such as homes. What exactly makes MODA a perfect choice?

To start, MODA carpets perform exceptionally well because they are made from type 6,6 nylon fibers. These nylon fibers, which are exactly the same as STAINMASTER carpet fibers, are some of the strongest in the industry. Type 6,6 nylon fibers are so strong because the individual carpet yarns have extra twists. The extra twisting means that the fibers, even after heavy foot traffic, will still hold their appearance. Standard fibers, since they are weaker, are likely to crush and break after these types of external impacts. Moreover, MODA carpets have strong carpet backings with Latex, so they offer greater dimensional stability.

MODA carpets also are beck dyed for adequate color penetration. Beck dyed carpets are typically less likely to fade over time, so the carpet will continue to holds its pattern and design even after years of use. Therefore, MODA carpets, especially when you consider the premium performance of the type 6,6 fibers, will certainly last for a long time.

Visit Carpet One of San Ramon to check out our selection of MODA carpet. We carry a wide selection of carpets in our San Ramon, CA showroom, so we are sure to have a style that fits your design and performance needs.  Plus, you can check out select styles from other brands such as Couristan.  Learn more about Couristan.