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Lauzon hardwood San Ramon, CA

We at Carpet One of San Ramon are excited about our selection of Lauzon hardwood flooring. Lauzon, which been around since 1985, offers premium hardwood that will add natural beauty and strength to your home setting.

Lauzon offers a tremendous selection of hardwood, so there is certainly a style to suit every design need. You can, for example, choose from hickory, red oak, birch, and even mahogany. Each style has real and unique grain patterns that simply cannot be replicated. Also, Lauzon offers solid and engineered constructions. Its engineered hardwood floors offer long-lasting strength and durability, so they will stand up to busy households. It’s no surprise that Lauzon refers to its engineered selection as Expert Engineered hardwood flooring.

What makes Lauzon really stand out from its competitors? Its hardwood floors contribute to a healthy living environment. Lauzon does not use any harmful chemicals in its surface finishes, nor does it treat its wood with anything that could compromise the health of your family. Moreover, Lauzon manufactures a select of “smart floors” that are referred to as Pure Genius. These Pure Genius floors feature a special titanium dioxide agent that actually purifies air. In other words, the floors act as an air filter! Lauzon’s Pure Genius floors are perfect in homes with children and pets.

To learn more about Lauzon hardwood, be sure to visit our San Ramon, CA showroom today. We’re proud to have one of the largest showrooms in the Bay Area!

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