Laminate Flooring

Real wood or stone looks with extra wear resistance
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laminate flooring San Ramon, CA

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring was one of the first flooring options to combine hardwood looks with premium wear resistance, but in the past, there really was no mistaking laminate for hardwood. Nonetheless, since digital printing technology is now much more advanced, laminate flooring does do well to replicate hardwood’s natural looks. We at Carpet One of San Ramon are therefore happy to be your neighborhood experts when it comes to laminate.

How does laminate combine wood looks with extra durability? Laminate, unlike hardwood, features special layered constructions. The top layer is called the wear layer, and it is specially-made to resist virtually all scratches, scuffs, and surface blemishes. Laminate’s wear layer is much stronger than any hardwood surface, and it never needs to be refinished. Next, laminate has a decorative layer that is protected by the wear layer. The decorative layer features a high-definition image of wood, so it provides laminate flooring with its authentic look. It’s also worth noting that many laminate flooring options have textured surfaces that perfectly match up with the wood pattern.

For extra strength and support, most laminate floors have core layers and base layers. The core layers provide dimensional stability and support to the laminate planks, and they also prevent the planks from expanding or contracting when exposed to moisture. Similarly, the base layers provide extra stability, and they also help make laminate more comfortable underfoot than hardwood. With these core layers and base layers, laminate flooring is durable enough for nearly every home setting.

Our Selection

We offer a great selection of laminate flooring options in our San Ramon, CA showroom, but our favorite has to be Quick Step laminate. Quick Step flooring features many different product performance technologies, so it combines authentic wood visuals with long-lasting durability and performance.

Visit our Quick Step page to learn more.