Kahrs Hardwood

Quality, long-lasting hardwood flooring from Kahrs

Advantages of Kahrs Hardwood

Kahrs flooring San Ramon, CA

Kahrs, since it has over 150 years of experience manufacturing quality hardwood, is certainly one of the most reliable names in the industry. Homeowners continue to trust that Kahrs hardwood floors will perfectly fit their home settings, regardless of style and function needs. How has Kahrs maintained these high levels of trust? Here are 3 reasons:

Layered Construction

Like most engineered hardwood floors, Kahrs floors offer a special layered construction for extra strength and stability. When compared to solid hardwood, Kahrs floors are actually 75% more stable. However, Kahrs take engineered flooring a step further by offering a variety of layer thicknesses. In other words, the constructions of the floors are not uniform, so you can pick certain stability levels that fit your own home. Plus, unlike most engineered hardwood options, Kahrs hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times. In fact, most Kahrs floors can be refinished twice!


Kahrs places a great emphasis on its role in the environment. Its special engineered construction requires fewer raw materials than solid hardwood, and Kahrs also makes sure that it uses full wood logs during manufacturing. Any parts of the wood logs that do remain are not thrown away, but rather used to heat Kahrs’s own facilities and the local town. Furthermore, Kahrs contributes to a healthy living environment by only using stains and finishes that are CARB I and II certified. This means that Kahrs hardwood floors do not include harmful chemicals that could affect the health and safety of your home and your family.

Installation Options

Kahrs offers innovative installation options such as the Woodloc installation. Woodloc is a unique installation process because the wood planks actually lock together and remain on the subfloor without any special adhesive. The locking system means that there will be no gaps in the floor, so dirt particles and even liquid will never reach the subfloor. Also, compared to traditional glue down installation processes, Woodloc is relatively quick and easy!

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