Happy Floors

Happy Floors offers stylish and durable tiles that are perfect for home settings

High-Quality Happy Floors Tile

Homeowners continue to choose tile for their home settings because it is extremely versatile in terms of style. There are simply so many patterns, shapes, and sizes from which to choose. Plus, especially if you choose porcelain tile, you can rest easy knowing that your floor will stand up to heavy moisture, foot traffic, and other environmental impacts. We at Carpet One of San Ramon offer a selection of porcelain from Happy Floors.

What makes Happy Floors porcelain tile perfect for home settings is its emphasis on durability and style. The tiles, for example, feature real porcelain constructions, so they can pretty much handle every indoor and even most outdoor settings. Happy Floors tile is therefore perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. At the same time, although the tiles are porcelain, they are as stylish as ceramic. Why? Happy Floors utilizes innovative digital inkjet technology to offer authentic stone and wood looks. So, Happy Floors porcelain tile is durable and stylish enough for any home setting. 

Our Happy Floors Selection


Nidia tiles have a gold, real stone appearance that’s referred to as Brillo. The tiles are available with a glossy or a natural surface, and they come in 12”x24” rectangles and 24”x24” squares.

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We love Hickory tiles because they offer a few different hickory wood looks. And, the tiles are available in 6”x36” planks. So, if you want to add the character of wood to your kitchen or bathroom, take a look at Happy Floors Hickory tiles.

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Flint tiles are available in four different colors, including white, silver, ivory, and walnut. They are available in 12”X24” rectangles and 24”x24” squares. These tiles are perfect for those who desire the natural looks of stone.

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